Black Project Maliko Pro Race SUP Fin

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Black Project Maliko Pro Race SUP Fin


The Maliko is best suited as a Downwind and Flatwater Racing Fin.

This excellent fin will really improve the tracking and speed of your board. SuffolkSUP have these fins to demo at Alton Water so please contact us to 'Try Before You Buy'. 

Please ensure that you choose the correct fin box base for your board to make sure that it fits correctly. Contact Us if you are unsure. Please see further information below.

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Maliko Pro Race – Downwind & Flatwater racing

Working together with our head SUP tester Bart de Zwart we created the Maliko Pro Race which is optimized for flat water and downwind racing.

Aptly named after the start of the world renowned downwind course on the Northern coast of Maui the Maliko Gulch which hosts both the Paddle IMUA and Olukai races.

In 2014 the Maliko won races across the world with Bart de Zwart, Ryan James, Joanne Hamilton-Vale and more dominating in a range of conditions. This was the fin which Bart used to smash the Non-Stop 11 Cities record which helped to underline the fin’s pure speed and efficiency on flat water. On a downwinder you will catch longer and more connected glides for devastating speed with exceptional control as you step back on your board. 

The Maliko design has more area concentrated towards the tip of the fin to help with stability and the laminar flow foil has an extremely low drag to lift ratio to help promote fast runs. The 45 degree leading edge helps to ensure that no sea grass, weed or trash slows you down.

The exceptional tracking of this fin helps you keep your board true and allows for more stokes before switching sides. These and other factors mean that you are going faster, with less effort and for longer.

There is no point having a great fin which does not stand up to the abuse which a SUP race fin receives, our Black Ed. G10construction is highly resistant to damage on and off the water and ensures that you enjoy the benefits of your investment for a long time to come.

With the increasing number of boards on the market we have made the Maliko available in two different bases to ensure the perfect fit for all.

·       Ultimate speed with high lift / low drag for flat water, downwind and long distance racing

·       Proprietary foiling promotes outstanding downwind performance with longer, more connected and more controlled glides

·       Increased tip area to help improve board stability particularity in rough water and with narrow boards

·       Enhanced tracking means more strokes between paddle switches

·       45 degree leading edge rake angle for weed shedding

·       Advanced SUP laminar flow foil technology

·       CNC manufacturing to ensure that you get the fin we designed

·       Produced in extremely high density solid Black Ed. G-10 to ensure ultimate durability and longevity

·       Solid G-10 base in two different sizes to fit all SUP race boards on the market

·       Comes complete with protective foam cover, high quality brass fin plate and screw

·       Fin of choice for: Bart de Zwart, Ryan James, Joanne Hamilton-Vale, Chris Freeman and more…

Fin Bases

Black Project Fins are your premium choice and we want your fin to fit perfectly so that you get ultimate performance. We are the only brand to provide our SUP fins with two different bases so that you get the perfect fit for your board.


Fits STARBOARD, NAISH, JP-AUSTRALIA, FANATIC and all major worldwide production brands.This is the same as found on many windsurfing boards and is wider and deeper with the pin set further from the deck of the board. The base is 9.2mm thick. 


US SURF PRO base: 

Fits boards with a narrower and shallower base as used by - SIC and Surftech etc. Narrower and shallower than the US base with the pin set closer to the deck of the board. The base is 9.0mm thick. The new PRO Base for 2015 features a slotted base for reduced weight and easier insertion.