RED Race Test Report

RED Race test report = FAST !

The board easily pumped up to 20 psi and with the new RSS side battons felt extremely rigid for an inflatable board.

The supplied fin was easy to fit into the finbox although care must be taken not to lose the screw in the stones ! Getting into the shallows requires some care with the longer fin and the narrow 26" deck took a few minutes to get used to. The board sits well on the water and is remarkably stable. It has a great amount of glide and easily pushes through the water and small chop. Combined with the new RED carbon paddle the trip down the River Stour was very swift with the board tracking well. Really looking forward to putting the board through its paces over the coming weeks and providing more feedback to you all. Next outing is the SUP Duathlon at Braylake on Saturday 15th June. Further details about this race can be found here -