Downwinder At Felixstowe

Jon and I joined forces with Mark Seaney today for an epic down winder up the coast at Felixstowe. After a quick juggling of boards on vans and locating them strategically at each end of the paddle, we soon braced ourselves for the entry off Languard Point. We had the video camera with us to record the adventure and slipped in a few clips whilst clutching our boards tightly in the gusts. Head to wind initially meant kneeling for the first section of the trip whilst navigating past the tankers arriving at Felixstowe Port ladened with containers! Once at the point we turned up the coast towards the pier and the wind was directly behind us. Standing was the order of the day at this point and we were all ready to commit. Shortly after this point we all realised that nature clearly could get the better of us. With legs seriously compensating the movement on the waves, the journey was going to feel twice as hard. Yes, we fell in, got wet, though not cold and couldn't wait to get back on again. We had a blast, we whooped out loud and laughed, sometimes at each other. There were times when you daren't look around as you knew that another wave would come up from behind and knock you off balance into the water. So after 5miles of choppy sea and 2 -6ft swells we had completed our mission and although we wanted to do it all again our bodies had seriously done enough for one day. So we bundled into the van and headed back to languard, dried off and then treated ourselves to some well deserved lunch. Today was about adventure, fun, grit determination, endurance, satisfaction and fun, we had all of this in abundance and more. Thanks Jon and Mark, I had a blast and it will keep a smile on my face for some time.

B Smith